Not Your Average Rom-Com – A review of “Irresistible” by Melanie Harlow

‘One morning to myself. That’s all I want.’ Doesn’t every parent wistfully long to fulfill that dream? Probably yes, if they’re honest. It somehow comes off as a little bit selfish, as if parents aren’t allowed to be selfish every now and then.

That was Mack’s dilemma. As a single dad to three girls, he was convinced he was screwing up the job six ways to Sunday and they’d be scarred for life. Plus, he’d be perpetually broke contributing so heavily to the Swear Jar. But after their mother walked away and left them, he felt the heavy weight of his responsibility to assure them they were loved and wanted.

Thank the heavens for Frannie who worked at the front desk of Cloverleigh Inn and filled in as part-time nanny to his girls. She was a godsend and he was thankful even as he lusted after her. What he didn’t know was Frannie was as hot for him as he was for her.

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Singing the Single Dad Blues

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