Who Doesn’t Love a Surprise? – A review of “Wall Street Titan” by Anna Zaire and Dima Zales

I don’t, when the surprise is a totally unexpected cliffhanger ending. Nothing on the title page or TOC (Table of Contents) to warn the reader. Yes, I know it’s one of a two book series but that doesn’t always mean a cliffhanger. Plus, since I’m in a snit, book two is nearly 100 pages shorter in length but costs more than
book one ($5.99 vs $4.99). Okay, end of snit. On to my review.

“Wall Street Titan” is a romance with an erotic bent. The titan in question is bazillionaire hedge fund manager, Marcus Carelli who has decided it’s time for him to marry. It matters not that he doesn’t have or want a steady girlfriend but he does have a list of criteria that a prospective bride should meet. So he engages the services of a professional matchmaker to find suitable candidates. His first encounter is a coincidental mixup of epic proportions.

Marcus is supposed to meet socialite Emmaline at a local restaurant but winds up with bookstore clerk/free-lance book editor, Emma Walsh. She was to meet Mark, a blind date. The mixup in identities is strangely coincidental. Emma of the curvaceous body and flaming red curly hair is also a “cat lady”. She’s owned by three white Persians and is always accompanied by enough cat hair on her clothing to knit a full length sweater. She is the antithesis of everything that drives control freak, alpha male Marcus batsh*t crazy***. The only thing they seem to have in common is a mutual raging lust for each other. Said lust is all encompassing and not to be denied.

Over the course of two weeks, they’re together, then apart, then back together and throughout that time they get it on anywhere and everywhere possible. Their mutual passion consumes them and when Marcus initiates some erotica, Emma is turned on, not off. There’s the usual push/pull from conflicting emotions on both sides. Emma has hang ups from her childhood, as does Marcus (don’t we all?).

This is classic opposites attract but they are both in denial of their true feelings. Can they reconcile their deep-seated childhood hangups with their conflicting circumstances and build a lasting relationship? The odds are against them but one should never say never.

Husband/wife writing team, Anna Zaire and Dima Zales obviously have some powerful chemistry of their own because the authenticity of Emma and Marcus’ affair is sizzling hot and it keeps that flame burning brightly all the way to the extremely abrupt cliffhanger “The End”! I momentarily considered passing on buying book two, “Titan’s Addiction” but I’m too emotionally invested in it to resist, which I’m sure the authors counted on. Four stars.

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***A noted mass market publisher has rejected my review based on its criteria for Community Guidelines. I’m assuming they find either my use of the term “batsh*t”, or the way it’s expressed, offensive. Really? Absolutely unbelievable!

Billionaire Alpha Tycoon

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