An Inauspicious Series Start – A review of “Love on Beach Avenue” by Jennifer Probst

What happens when the wedding planner, Avery Sunshine, meets the MOH (Man of Honor) from hell? Yes, I said “Man” of Honor. Avery’s best friend Ally is getting married in just four months and Avery has squeezed her into an already very tight schedule, much to the chagrin of her two sister/partners at Sunshine Bridal. Ally’s brother, Carter Ross is handling all the details for her since she’s unable to physically be in Cape May during this critical time. Only Carter has pre-judged Avery’s suitability to do a professional job as wedding planner for his sister. This prejudicial attitude is based on Avery’s wild ways when she and Ally were in college. Yeah, she cut loose way back then but that was then and this is now and Avery is the epitome of efficiency and precise planning. They cop an attitude with each other and War is declared. Who will be victorious? Whoever said “War is Hell” knew what they were talking about.

Frenemies to Lovers Theme

As a Jennifer Probst fan, the first book in The Sunshine Sisters series didn’t make a lasting impression on me. The dialogue has some lively moments but overall, it’s just okay. The problem is neither of the dual protagonists is particularly likable and the frenemies to lovers theme just didn’t light my fire. I also grew weary of the repetitive references to their eye color. Once or twice would’ve been sufficient to establish the facts. Anything more is mere fluff. And who gives a rat’s a** about what Carter is wearing in each scene? How and why is this important? More fluff. Too much fluff for my taste. I’ve come to expect better writing from author Jennifer Probst than what we see here. Three stars.

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