Darkness Ahead – “The Storm Breaks” by Julia Brannan

Alex McGregor is a victim of his own success. As the Jacobite rebellion grows, Alex and Beth are anxious to join the cause but their Prince has commanded him to remain in London where the foppish Sir Anthony Peters and his lovely wife Elizabeth are above suspicion and can continue gathering valuable information on British strategy and troop movements. When their wish is finally realized and they can flee London, it is under the cover of darkness and in  life-threatening conditions.

Battle of Culloden

At Culloden the rebel forces are severely outnumbered and overrun by the strategic advantage offered by the terrain the enemy commands as well as their deadly cannons. Although the Jacobites fight valiantly, they are unsuccessful in turning the tide against the Duke of Cumberland’s Hanoverian army. The Jacobites suffer enormous losses and the women and children who were secreted in a small cottage are now in imminent danger.

Even knowing the history of the Battle of Culloden and the run-up to it, I was still captivated by the drama and urgency surrounding this historic and tragic event. Author Julia Brannan has penned a gripping narrative and breathed life into her characters, making me wish for the umpteenth time that I could see and experience the highlands for myself. I finally laid my tablet aside just prior to 4:00 a.m. “The Storm Breaks” is book number four in The Jacobite Chronicles and I can heartily recommend the series and this book in particular. Five stars.

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