Stretches Credibility – “Man in Love” by Laurelin Paige

The cliffhanger made me do it. That’s why I bought Book Two, “Man in Love” when I didn’t love Book One, “Man in Charge”. I simply HAD to know what happened. Was it worth it? Meh, not really. Scott Sebastian had bent to his domineering father’s will for all his thirty years, going so far as to let him dictate who he would marry. The old man even sanctioned him keeping Tess as a mistress. All this in the 21st century? And we’re supposed to believe Scott finally grew a pair and directly defied the old man? It’d take a mighty big fish to swallow a hook that large. Here’s why I couldn’t.

Equally Hot

Scott had allowed his family’s largesse to lure him into the fold and keep him there, allowing him to pass himself off as suave and sophisticated. Defying the parents to be with Tess meant giving up all those perks as well as having previously open doors be closed to him, despite the cachet of his last name. We’re supposed to believe that scenario plus him asking Tess to wait 12-18 months for them to be together while he “pretends” to be engaged to her boss Kendra? Um, sorry but no sale. That stretches the bonds of credibility past the limit. Three stars.

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