“Secret Star” Doesn’t Tug On Your Heartstrings

Well. I’m still trying to decide whether or not I like the third and last book in The Stars of Mithra series. Grace is a complex character with more personas than anyone should need and she wears them like a shield to protect the “real” Grace that few people get to know. The public Grace is the infamous hell-raising, wild-child of extravagance and outlandish behavior of a poor little rich girl, who is the subject of much gossip, only some of which is earned. But in private she’s fiercely loyal to her two besties, M.J. and Bailey, and she regularly gives her time helping out in a hospital pediatric unit which she’s also endowed. To safeguard the three rare blue gems that make up the “stars” until they can be secured in the museum, Bailey sends one to M,J. and one to Grace. The logic is that temporarily separating them will aid in their safekeeping.

Rare Blue Diamonds

When Grace’s home is burglarized she tangles with Lieutenant Seth Buchanan and the sparks start flying immediately. As a means of self-protection Buchanan has hardened himself to go about his job like an unemotional automaton. Even though he tries to resist the gravitational pull from Grace, she’s very open to her feelings and gives her emotions free rein. When she does, she falls hard and fast for Seth. Meanwhile, whoever wants the blue stones has already killed for them and Grace’s life is in mortal danger. Can Seth keep her safe and still safeguard his heart or will he too fall under her spell?

“Secret Star” as the culmination of The Stars of Mithra is somewhat disappointing. The elements for a successful end to the series are there but it all feels too rushed and lacking in authenticity. It’s as if author Roberts was trying to make the two protagonists seem flawed enough to be real but she went overboard with it. On the other hand, I admire the way she successfully blends a touch of fantasy with a healthy dose of reality. This book was originally published in 1997 and is a re-read for me. Good but not as good as the first two. Three and a half stars.

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