PERFECT MISFITS – “Pucked Love” by Helena Hunting

Unlike many NHL stars Darren Washington is a very private guy, noted for his talent on the ice as well as his more taciturn public self. Charlene has a good job and is highly regarded in her position but socially, she’s wary of commitment, preferring relationships of three weeks or less. When Darren wants to take Charlene on a date he asks her to sign a six page NDA. She says okay to the date but tells him to take a flying leap on the NDA. Strangely enough, they seem to fit well together, each having their own idiosyncrasies. Darren likens Charlene to a firefly. In captivity, the fireflies’ light dims and then slowly fades to nothing. So he’s very careful to avoid any pressure to commit, knowing it will scare her off. But when their hangups are revealed the fragility of their relationship is evident and they’re forced to face their reality. Yes, they’re messed up misfits but they fit together perfectly.

“Pucked Love” is the seventh and final book in The Pucked series by Helena Hunting. Fair Warning. This is a love story about relationships and it is not for the faint of heart. Darren and Charlene and the entire Chicago NHL clan are wrapped up here in a romantic tale that is erotic, witty, laugh out loud funny, charming and poignant. The love scenes are steamy enough to peel off the wallpaper. But you’ll fall in love with this perfectly matched pair of misfits. Four stars.

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