A Bounty Hunter and a Bar Owner – “Captive Star” by Nora Roberts

M. J. O’Leary is no shy violet. As a bar owner she can’t afford to be and it’s just not her style anyway. If it was, she wouldn’t own a bar. And when a bounty hunter comes after her she doesn’t think twice about decking him. It’s purely a reflex. Jack Dakota has been chasing down bail jumpers for years so he’s not surprised when M. J. isn’t willing to come along like a docile little doll. She’s a doll alright but she’s not little and she’s definitely not docile. Jack learned that first hand. But he didn’t know that getting mixed up with M. J. would have them both running for their lives from a couple of hired thugs that intended them bodily harm. And M. J. doesn’t want to tell Jack why they’re after her or why she’s carrying around a rare blue diamond big enough to choke a horse. Being on the run together and fighting for their lives builds a strong bond which invites an intimacy neither wants to deny. Can M. J. trust Jack with her secret and more importantly, with the lives of her two best friends?

I read The Stars of Mithra trilogy about fifteen years ago so when “Captive Star” showed up as a special buy I went for it because I’m a diehard Nora Roberts fan and I enjoy re-reading some of her earlier work. This is Book Two of the trilogy and I especially enjoyed the snappy dialogue and the push/pull relationship between the two protagonists, both of which are hallmarks of Roberts’ writing. Is it wishful thinking that maybe the other two books will come up in special offers too? Probably, but I can always hope. Four stars.

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