Find Your Safe Place – “Shelter” by Kristen Proby

Shelter isn’t always physical. Sometimes it’s merely an illusion – a feeling of safety and security afforded by another person. Someone who is always concerned with your well-being. Such as a mother’s love. But contrary to popular opinion, not all women are endowed with the nurturing gene, as Seth King would relate IF he ever talked about his early childhood and his biological mother. Those memories are deeply buried and he means to keep them buried because he found his happy place with the King family and it’s sprawling ranch compound just outside Cunningham Falls Montana.

Shelter Me Here

Remi Carter is an adventurer at heart and as a former reality show contestant she’s experienced fame aplenty. Now she’s indulging her wanderlust and revelling in the solitude of driving her converted van wherever the notion strikes her. Wilderness hiking is her jam, which is what she’s doing in Glacier National Park when the snow starts. Remi’s not worried though. It’s early September. What’s to worry about a few snowflakes? But as the trail is quickly obliterated by snowfall, she realizes the error in her judgment. As she’s trying to get to shelter the handsome guy she met a few days ago in a bar appears and leads her to safety. In addition to ranching, Seth is also a part-time park ranger and saving adventuring tourists from themselves is part of the job. As they wait out the storm together seeking warmth from the roaring fire, they discover that shelter is more than a place. Do they have what it takes to be shelter for each other? Will Remi move on when her wanderlust kicks in again or is Seth her happy place?

“Shelter” is Book Two in the Big Sky series by Kristen Proby. It’s a sweet romance with enough steam to keep it from falling prey to that level of sweetness that makes your teeth hurt. The dual protagonists narrate alternating chapters so we see events unfolding through their eyes. As readers we’re privy to the sordid story of Seth’s early childhood and the long-term effects on his relationships with women. Alternatively we get background on Remi’s strained relationship with her mother and half-sisters, with only vague references to some less than stellar men in her life before Seth, but no explanations. If they’re unworthy of further mention, why bring them up at all? Seems pointless to me. Four stars.

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