Rule #1: Don’t Bed the Nanny – Review of “The Stud Next Door” by Kendall Ryan

As a newly-minted single dad of a baby girl, Connor is an abject failure. The good news is he’s smart enough to admit it and when his new neighbor shows that she’s well versed in caring for infants, he immediately enlists her help as Marley’s nanny. It’s a perfect solution to Jessa’s need for a part-time job, plus there’s no commute. It’s right next door. But she’s honest with Connor in that it’s a short term solution since she will be leaving within six months for a volunteer position in South America.

Don’t Bed the Nanny

The fact that Connor is wildly attracted to Jessa is only a minor complication. He thinks. Because Jessa is equally enamored of Connor and that further complicates the situation. As a co-owner of a sex toy store Connor’s business partners and their significant others make up his circle of close friends and they quickly include Jessa in all their activities. Despite Connor’s good intentions to not bed the nanny, they wind up in bed together and quickly become an item. But what happens to Connor’s love nest when Jessa flies out of his life?

“The Stud Next Door” is a cute and sexy romance in Kendall Ryan’s Frisky Business series. Coming into the series on Book three hasn’t presented a problem as each book can be read as a stand-alone. As a reader I appreciate not losing continuity if I choose to skip around in a series. Sometimes that skip is random but no matter the reason, I like being able to jump in wherever and whenever it suits me. So if you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted read, “The Stud Next Door” is a good bet. Four stars.

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