A Perfectly Told Tale – Review of “The Perfect Couple” by Lisa Hall

After being in an abusive relationship Emily has to get her life back on track so she takes a housekeeping job with a widower. It’s a steady job with income that will help her get her own place and not be dependent on Mags who took her in when she left Harry. Working for Rupert is like a dream come true and she soon ingratiates herself by having his dinner waiting when he comes home and doing little things to make his life easier. Before long there’s a spark between them that won’t be denied. His wife has been gone a year and Emily fills up the empty places in his heart so Rupert proposes. At first his friends think he’s rushing things but Emily makes him happy so they’re happy for him. There’s only one problem. No one seems to know what happened to Rupert’s first wife. Should Emily be worried?

Perfection is Overrated

“The Perfect Couple” is a clever psychological thriller that starts a bit slow but soon builds up a head of steam and finishes with the force of a high speed bullet train. Author Lisa Hall does an admirable job of fleshing out her characters, including the few secondary ones. But her talent really shines in the gripping way she tells the story.

The third person narrative voice seems to dominate when the storyline shifts in time and is mildly annoying because, in my opinion, those transitions would ideally be seamless. And since I’m already carping, the author should know the difference between conscious and conscience and that the subject and predicate of a sentence should always be in agreement. Those are grammar basics that should have been caught prior to publication.

Despite my carping, “The Perfect Couple” is a powerful psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And that high speed train I mentioned? Be careful not to get flattened by it when it blows though the ending. I didn’t even see it coming. Four stars.

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