A Road Trip to Remember – Review of “Hadley and Grace” by Suzanne Redfearn

Hadley Torelli has a tiny window of opportunity to escape her abusive husband. Her excuse for the trip is returning her nephew Skipper to his mother who has heretofore shirked responsibility for her special needs son. Hadley’s plan to fund her getaway includes raiding Frank’s office safe on her way out the door. She has the key to gain entry and a legal right to be there but soon realizes she can’t find the safe. As she’s frantically searching the office, another “visitor” arrives. This one has a key.

Stronger Together

Grace found out the hard way that Frank Torelli is a cheat and a liar. He reneged on paying her commission she had earned and she was counting on the money to dig her out of the hole her husband’s gambling got them into. Again. The third time. Adding money problems to the constant strain of a colicky baby that screams unconsolably all evening, every evening with no support at home because Jimmy is in Afghanistan, has Grace at the end of her tether. So she decides to take what is owed her from the office safe, get baby Miles and get out of Dodge. Just start over somewhere else. On her own.

Grace and Hadley cross paths in the office and Grace quickly sees her escape plan going down the toilet. But she has the keys and Hadley has the combination to the safe so they agree to split the nearly two million in cash that’s in there. As everyone knows, Lady Luck is fickle and she quickly turns on them. Hadley twists her ankle so badly that Grace has to take her to the ER. Well, she doesn’t have to but that’s how Grace is wired. She can’t just leave her there, so they wind up joining forces. Two women, one on crutches, two children and an infant in tow, struggling to make a fresh start. But their problems multiply when their road trip hits some rough patches and they are soon running flat out to stay ahead of the law. Grace and Hadley’s journey is fraught with danger but the bonds they’ve forged have given them strength and as they cope with being on the run, they learn they can depend on each other.

In “Hadley and Grace” author Suzanne Redfearn has used a theme similar to Thelma and Louise but with more dimension and more heart.  It’s an adventure of self-discovery featuring a most unlikely pair of protagonists who find themselves inextricably linked by a common goal. Their road trip becomes a life-altering journey that will keep you entranced with their courage and their chutzpah. Thelma and Louise need to take a back seat and watch the masters at work. Four stars.

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