Bossman Meets His Match – Review of “Boss(hole)” by Penelope Bloom

Well. Where to start? I didn’t hate Penelope Bloom’s “Boss(hole)” but I didn’t love it either. The plot premise, thin though it is, is amusing. I take issue with it being touted as ‘an enemies to lovers romance.’ Jules (Juliette) Adams aka Coleton and Adrian White aka Terranova were never enemies. Although their relationship began somewhat adversarial as employer/employee, it evolved and progressed from there. Jules is the proverbial poor little rich girl trying to make it on her own to prove to her tyrannical father that she’s worthy of more than being sold off like a brood mare to further his business enterprises. Adrian is an ill-tempered corporate raider who goes through secretaries and personal assistants like TP. In comes Jules to tame the tiger by being Miss Perfect PA, giving as good as she gets and taking none of his guff. In record time, they can’t keep their hands off each other and are quickly doin’ the nasty. So much for the No Fraternization Policy. Adrian’s long term goal has always been to take down Jules’ father’s company in order to even a personal score, and she agrees to help him. As unlikely as that idea may seem, it is the basic plot premise.

Cute but Barely Credible

The storyline is amusing and I enjoyed a few chuckles, but the protagonists are mere stereotypes, including the secondary characters, especially her family – father, mother and brother – a true family affair. The dialogue is uneven and at times just not credible. If I were an English teacher author Bloom would get a “C-” for the grammar issues; dangling modifiers, incorrect verb tenses and occasional poor sentence structure. I’m strictly a pleasure reader and having to read the same sentence three times to make sense of it is too much like work. One of these days I’ll learn to be more discerning and not so gullible as to believe the promo hype on some of the Kindle Unlimited offers. Three and a half stars.

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