FAMILY BONDS – Review of “The Keeper of Happy Endings” by Barbara Davis

Families can be a sources of great happiness and fond memories but truthfully, they’re usually a mixed bag of blessings. Following the ravages of WWII many were left completely alone with no living relatives. For generations Soline Roussel’s family had owned an exclusive bridal salon in Paris famous for their unique one-of-a-kind designs and unmatched workmanship. It was said that any bride who wore a Roussel gown was guaranteed happiness and joy. Imagine Soline’s trepidation when her American fiance insisted for her safety that she leave it all behind and wait for him at his family home in Boston. The reception by her future father-in-law was humiliating and when word was received that Anson was MIA Soline soon found herself homeless. However she was resourceful. Throughout the ensuing months she suffered unbelievable losses but soon she boxed up her memories and put them away. Some things were best forgotten.

Family Bonds

Forty years later as Rory Grant is dealing with the probable loss of her fiance, she opts to follow her dream of opening an art gallery and leases Soline’s old house which had been damaged by fire. During the renovation she discovered a box of letters and a never worn, exquisitely diaphanous vintage wedding gown. It required some effort to return her findings to the now reclusive Soline but when they met there was an unexplainable affinity between them and they soon discovered remarkable parallels in their lives. Was destiny at work here?

In “The Keeper of Happy Things” author Barbara Davis has woven a multilayered saga told from two POV on two timelines; Soline’s beginning in 1944/45 and Rory’s in 1985. This is historical fiction at its best with a captivating storyline guaranteed to touch your heart. The characters come alive and you share all their feelings. The sorrow and the joy and and every emotion in between with a timeless romance as its heart. This was my Kindle First Reads choice and it is due for publication October 1, 2021. Five stars.

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