A Lucky Commute – Review of “Stuck-Up Suit” by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Soraya Venedetta’s daily commute is interrupted by a suit-clad, loud-mouthed a**hole as he rudely barks orders at some poor unfortunate soul who happens to work for him. Yes, he is incredibly good looking but he must think the world revolves around him and its sole purpose is for his entertainment. No surprises there. What else would you expect from a “Stuck-Up Suit”? So when he gets off at his stop and doesn’t notice his phone has slipped to the floor, Soraya retrieves it intending to return it ASAP. But curiosity dictates that she at least peruse the contacts and photos before relinquishing the phone to its rightful owner.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

So of course, she decides to taunt the suit wearer by including some provocative selfies and Mr. Stuck-Up Suit, aka Graham Morgan, is captivated by the pix of Soraya. And to be true to her sassy self she might have even included some salty text messages and then made a special trip across town to personally return his phone. She didn’t expect him to repy but when he did, his sexy texts were hotter than the hubs of hell. So hot that the two of them nearly went up in flames when they finally got together in person. So what if they were very different? Isn’t it true that opposites attract?

The dynamic duo of Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward put their unique stamp on “Stuck-Up Suit”. This was a rare re-read for me because I had somehow failed to review it on the first go ’round. Thus the do-over. I do love their collaborative efforts though because the characters are always strong and credible and the dialogue is fresh and oh so entertaining. As usual, their writing is generally a cut above average although I took issue with a few points in this standalone. Some were word choices and a couple recommended sentence structure changes. All told, a fun read and just what I needed after a couple of heavy-lifters. Four stars.

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