A Big Yawn – Review of “Come a Little Bit Closer” by Bella Andre

I’ve read and enjoyed several Bella Andre novels but “Come a Little Bit Closer” was, in a word, disappointing. This is Valentina Landon and Smith Sullivan’s story and its not on a par with author Andre’s other works. It was first published in 2012 and may possibly be one of her earlier books, I dunno but I do know it is boring. There’s plenty of romance and sex/love scenes but that’s not enough to carry 400+ pages. Smith is a big name movie star who is now writing, directing and producing the movie he’s starring in. Valentina is business manager to her sister Tatiana who is Smith’s co-star. For the sake of brevity, Smith falls for Valentina and of course she’s all googly-eyed over him but she suffers from having taken a back seat to her talented little sister. That sets her up for self-doubts as to why he would be interested in her when he could virtually have any woman he wanted. And that is basically the heart of the story. Not a lot to go on for over 400 pages.

There is essentially no plot, therefore no tension, no mystery or suspense or surprises. Just lots of self-talk, plenty of bedroom material and an abundance of fluff to fill the pages. That’s it! Two and a half stars.

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