The Bodyguard and Lady Gwen – Review of “Fiancé by Friday” by Catherine Bybee

The Weekday Brides is proving to be an exceptionally good series. I’ve read four in the series and liked them all but as of now, “Fiancé by Friday” is hands down my favorite. The series is built around an elite matchmaking service whose clientele are all upper echelon types who want an arranged marriage and have stringent criteria, with confidentiality being paramount.

In Book three the happy couple was never part of the service. This union happened the old-fashioned way. Lady Gwen Harrison, sister to an English duke, came to America to take over her sister-in-law’s matchmaking business. Neil MacBain is the bodyguard hired by the duke to watch over his family. But Lady Gwen and retired Marine Neil have an unspoken secret desire for each other. Neil being the strong silent type doesn’t act on his feelings and Gwen gives him an ultimatum: make your move or get out of the way. When sinister incidents threaten Gwen, Neil knows it’s someone from his military past but he has to figure out who is behind it and why. He also has to figure out how he can keep Gwen safe while he puzzles it out.

“Fiancé by Friday” is a suspenseful romantic mystery with a riveting plot full of action and mystery. Bybee gives us ample background on the characters so we understand their motivations, even the misguided ideas of the perpetrator of what began as harassment and culminated in a double homicide. The plot is tightly woven with believable characters, including the misguided bad guys.

My question is, what was the supposed relevance or significance of the actor Michael Wolfe? The book opened focused on him as he is introduced to Gwen and then he basically fades into the background. I think he put in a quickie appearance again near the end but only as a bystander. Is he simply a literary tool for the introduction of another character? It left me wondering if he’ll pop up again.

Anyway, a thoroughly intelligent and entertaining good read. Four stars.

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