Review of “Bride of Pendorric” by Victoria Holt

NOTICE: “Bride of Pendorric” is not recommended reading for newlywed brides with a bad case of the jitters. But then, not many new or soon to be brides have time to do much reading, so perhaps it’s a moot point. Thought I’d mention it though “just in case.”

After a whirlwind romance and an abbreviated engagement period, Favel Farrington weds Roc Pendorric and he takes her from her idyllic home on the mediterranean Isle of Capri to his family home, a medieval castle in Cornwall England. The differences could not be more startlingly significant. Rather like stepping from one world into another. Favel is welcomed with open arms by Roc’s family of twins but there s a sense of foreboding that permeats the thick stone castle walls and makes her uneasy. It seems that two previous Pendorric brides met untimely deaths and Favel is worried that she’s next on the list. Will she ever be able to settle in and feel safe again?

Victoria Holt’s “Bride of Pendorric” meets all the requirements of riveting gothic fiction; the spooky castle and all its accoutrements, two (so far) failed attempts on Favel’s life, the “feeling” of being watched, the suspicions voiced by others – all added to Roc’s sometimes unconvincing declarations of love, leave her feeling very much alone. All the elements are here, including the mystery of who is behind the suspicious goings on as well as the real ones. Guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Good writing makes for pleasurable reading, even when it scare the bejeebers out of you. Five stars.

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Gothic Romantic Suspense

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