Evil is Never Accidental – Review of “Wicked Intention” by Patti O’Shea

If you feel the need for some excitement in the form of South American gun runners, drug lords, and territorial power skirmishes in the jungle, “Wicked Intention” by Patti O’Shea will cover those bases and add in a sizzling hot romance as a bonus.

We’re introduced to Finn Rowland, a recently retired Army Special Forces sergeant who is on his last mission to bring down an international arms dealer. To gain access to interested arms purchasers Finn is under cover as a mercenary. His partner in this venture is Zo who is also his significant other. They’ve been together for two years and and part of his mission is to protect Zo from her impetuous self as she attempts to retrieve a relic from its obscure tribal history and get it safely ensconced in a museum.

The narrative is related in third person and covers a two year time line in Zo and Finn’s lives, which brings me to my issues with how that is covered. The story begins in present day for the first few chapters and then begins shifting back and forth in dual time periods. As a literary technique it allows for a more interesting look into the past to explain the present. From this reader’s POV, the constant leaps in time initially annoyed me but the story is compelling enough that I was able to mostly ignore it and just enjoy the action. And there is action to spare in this well written action/adventure romantic suspense. I had not previously read anything by this author but I’m definitely a fan now. The action scenes pulled me in and kept me flipping pages all the way through. Ms O’Shea’s writing is flawless from a literary standpoint and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work, especially The Paladin League series. Four and a half stars.

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Action Galore

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