Review of a Scottish Romance – “The Scot’s Pursuit” by Keira Montclair

Action/adventure thrillers are a favorite of mine and when the protagonist is a romantic Scot in a kilt, it goes straight to the top of the list. In “The Scot’s Pursuit” Alick Grant is moonstruck when he meets Branwen Denton at a festival. It’s definitely a mutual attraction but Branwen’s father is a cruel sort who keeps a tight
rein on her, slaps her around and treats her like a servant. Alick is on his way home and promises to return for Branwen but is delayed when his mother is abducted. Meanwhile her father has promised her to a much older widower with six children. With Alick away, Branwen has to look out for herself and not meekly accept the future as her father envisions it. She must call on her inner resources and clear a different path. But where will that path lead her?

Author Keira Montclair has crafted a reasonably plausible work of historical fiction and the leading characters are well developed but there is an over abundance of characters. So many that I felt the need for a program to keep up with who was who.

What really threw me off was the uneven pacing. The narrative moved along when there was action but otherwise it was plodding and tedious. When the pacing fell off I had a hard time staying awake, sometimes for several pages.

With all my kvetching about the pacing, the storyline is interesting and relatively accurate from a historical viewpoint. Also, the romantic relationship between Alick and Branwen is well done. There was no shortage of strong female characters which is out of the ordinary for that period in history. I’ll call it literary license and definitely the author’s prerogative.

All in all, “The Scot’s Pursuit” is not without merit. Three stars.

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