“Truth, Lies, and Second Dates” by MaryJanice Davidson

I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.  I’m saddened to confess that I abandoned it after fifteen chapters. When I checked the index and saw there were 48 chapters, plus an epilogue, I said “Oh, hell no.” 

Touted as a romantic comedy, “Truth, Lies and Second Dates” not only failed to tickle my funny bone, I simply couldn’t get into it. It’s not just that it wasn’t funny, it was a huge yawn. The characters were mere cutouts and what was supposed to be comedic banter fell flat. I’m not aware if it has a plot. If so, it was lost on me. The protagonist is an airline pilot named Captain Ava Capp so the “Captain Capp” moniker becomes a trope by itself, but after a while that too was overdone.

Consigning a book to the DNF (Did Not Finish) shelf saddens me but being unable to make even a single positive comment is infinitely worse. Perhaps if I’d been able to stay awake through more chapters I could dig deeper for commentary but I couldn’t so there is no more I can say. It seems unfair to rate a book I didn’t finish but if I’m forced to rate it, I have to go with two stars. This book is scheduled for release on December 15, 2020

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