Impulse Control – A review of “Down and Dirty” by Kendall Ryan

Impulse Control Is Highly Overrated

Yeah, let’s talk about how alcohol relaxes one’s impulse control and the ramifications of that loss, temporary though Aubree Derrick thought it was. But waking up in Vegas next to a hunky guy who’s not too far removed from teenage and finding out you’re married to him? That’s a whole new ballgame and she doesn’t know any of the rules. Her thirty to his twenty three might not seem so huge except that this hot pro hockey rookie is probably the last male on the planet over the age of sixteen who’s still a virgin. Apparently he’s been saving himself for the right ‘one’. Landon Covington has decided Aubree is his ‘one’ and he has no intentions of having this farce of a marriage annulled. But Aubree is equally committed to realizing her career goals and marriage is not in her plans. But the physical attraction between them is too powerful to be denied. Who wins in this no-win situation?

In “Down and Dirty” Kendall Ryan has penned another winner (#5) in her ‘Hot Jocks’ series. Landon is every woman’s dream come true; considerate, kind, attentive, funny, and a dynamite lover all rolled into a 6’ 3” package of physical perfection. As skeptical as I was about a 23 year old male virgin, Ryan makes it sufficiently plausible to elicit buy-in from this reader and that’s no mean feat. And for all her exhortations to the contrary, Aubree can’t resist Landon’s charms, or his hot bod. As much as I enjoyed Landon, it took me considerably longer to warm up to Aubree’s character. But put together, enough heat and laughter is generated to while away an afternoon of enjoyable reading. That’s reason enough for me. Four stars.

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