Absolute Power Corrupts – A review of “Boundless Ambition” by Tim Tigner

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

How do you say no when the sitting POTUS asks you to “steal” a prototype of an ultra-powerful missile that could pose a threat to the U.S.? Being the patriot he is, Kyle Achilles responds positively which is the only answer he can give considering the way he’s wired. With such a firmly ingrained sense of right and wrong, the question has gone from IF he’ll do it to HOW he’ll get it done. The other issue is this mission will interrupt the vacation in Fiji that he and Katya had planned. Achilles agrees to have Katya accompany him and as soon as he wraps up the assignment they can leave for Fiji. Sound like a plan? Yeah, they thought so too. But the C-4 consortium behind this plot to alter the world order has a different agenda.

As the action unfolds on a container ship, the WH Chief of Staff tries to murder Achilles and in the melee, Katya is shot in the leg and falls overboard. Achilles is focused on dispensing with his assailant and getting to Katya in time to save her, IF she’s still alive. The harrowing rescue attempt is a nail biter to be sure but it stretched the limits of credibility for this reader. Still, it makes for an exciting read. And that’s only the beginning!

“Boundless Ambition” is Tim Tigner’s 5th book in the Kyle Achilles series and my new favorite of all his books. His writing style is clean and crisp and action packed. The pacing is near perfect, never flagging, but smoothly carrying the reader along for the ride. I especially enjoyed having Katya as an integral part of the story. As a character she’s so much more than arm candy and it was fun to see how her mathematician’s brain works out non-math problems. It’s also refreshing to see a female character so fully fleshed out without using her looks as a crutch. Thank you Tim Tigner.

This novel is packed with all the elements needed for a powerful thriller. Political intrigue, competing world powers, greedy multi billionaire CEOs, and Achilles on a quest for justice and revenge. Yeah, that revenge part caught me up too but Achilles is justified in seeking vengeance. At least in HIS mind it’s justified. Who are we to say otherwise? Five stars.

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