Tails and Tongues A’Wagging – Review of “Chasing Tail” by Roxanne St. Claire

Frankendog Steals the Show

Lt. Connor Mahoney, of the Bitter Bark, NC Fire Department is best known as Frank’s owner. Frank being the mutt he found who saved a little boy’s life, thus becoming the town hero, and for Connor’s “love ‘em and leave ‘em” attitude when it comes to women. But when he bumps into Sadie Hartman it’s akin to a
celestial event. The stars are suddenly more brilliant, the moon looms ever larger and the sun is more intense by any measure.

Sadie is newly arrived from her former job in the political arena of Washington, D.C. But she’s disillusioned with politics and wants to live quietly in Bitter Bark where she spent the happiest part of her childhood. The Dogmothers though want Sadie as Campaign Manager for Connor and Frank. Yes, Frank the dog has thrown his hat in the ring of the mayoral race but Connor would actually serve. But Sadie turns it all upside down when she decides to launch her own campaign to be the next mayor of Bitter Bark. Both Frank and Sadie have personal reasons for wanting to thwart the local undertaker’s political aspirations as mayor. So they join forces and run smack into a 200 year old law that requires they be a legitimate “couple” (at least betrothed or engaged) since singletons are not allowed to hold the office of mayor. And the fun begins.

As romantic comedies go, “Chasing Tail” is occasionally funny, cute, heartwarming, and poignant, with just the right measure of sexy sizzle to keep things interesting. It’s a lighthearted rom-com that will serve up some grins and the occasional chuckle. Nothing more. Nothing less.

As the 4th book in The Dogmothers series, it’s not my favorite but there are some memorable moments. Frank (aka Frankendog) easily steals the show. Connor has depths that are ever so slowly revealed imbuing him with a personae that makes him a much more complex character than one thinks.

And Sadie is almost too perfect for words but Roxanne St. Claire being the gifted writer she is doesn’t let her reach perfection. That would’ve been too easy. Instead Sadie is not just beautiful and intelligent but, to Connor’s delight, she’s an unashamedly sexual and lusty creature as well.

What about the plot you ask? What there is of a plot pretty much consists of Connor and Sadie starting out as a “fake couple” both running for mayor and where they go from there.

I don’t usually find any quarrel with St. Claire’s writing but this is an exception. There is no such infinitive as “to incent”. Chapter 17 “…he was incented to find…” and Chapter 26 “He was incented for victory.” That word in all its bastardized forms (incented, incentivize or incentivise, etc) are just wrong on every level. An “incentive” is a bonus or reward offered as a motivation to encourage performance or to rouse someone to greater heights. It is properly used as either a noun or an adjective but NOT A VERB. Ugh! Who let THAT dog out? Was the Copy Editor asleep? Okay, this is me getting down off my soapbox and ending my rant. Four stars.

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