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This brings to mind Emerson’s quote “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” Many variations on that theme but I think you’re spot on in your view that we can’t go home. It’s never the same as we remember so it really isn’t there is it? Think I’ve been ruminating too much in my isolation but it’s important that I #StayHome

meditations on home, belonging & all things literary

Hi, I’m Neri!

A writer, teacher, researcher, mindfulness advocate, and a life-long traveller

“…we have to grope our way through so much filth and rubbish in order to reach home! And we have no one to show us the way. Homesickness is our only guide.”

-Steppenwolf, Herman Hesse

As a self-proclaimed hyphenated spirit, I’ve dedicated my life to exploring what it means to be home. Growing up in Turkey and living in Europe and the U.S. have brought me closer to finding an answer to the complex question of home. Or so I thought.

In his essay, “Minimal Selves,” Stuart Hall writes that every migrant is accustomed to two questions: “Why are you here?” and “When are you going back home?” The answer to the first question comes easily: for education? to better my life? political asylum?… what have you. The second question, however, is a turning point…

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