The Arms Race and the Cold War – A review of “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” by Tom Clancy

As a long time fan I’ve enjoyed every Clancy novel I’ve read but “The Cardinal of the Kremlin” was not an easy read for me. I’m aware that my opinion isn’t going to jibe with the majority but I felt as though I was slogging my way through deep mud for about the first 20 chapters. So much Russian philosophizing and so little action by anyone! Yes, the era in which the story unfolds had a very different feel – the whole cold war scenario (which I actually lived through) seems surreal today but was scary enough at the time.

The Cold War heats up

#Regardless, the characters are real enough and as always, we get a complete picture of all the major players and there are many in this early Clancy work. Where this book shines though is in the descriptive passages that put the reader on the ice and snow covered streets of Moscow in the dead of winter and in the cold, classic Russian pre-war copied edifices. I got chilled just reading about them. At any rate, it’s still a good look at what was termed the ‘arms race’ and all its’ ramifications. Four stars.

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