As a so-called ‘blogger’ I’m an abject failure

I’ve been absent from here for so long I fear that any followers I had have likely deserted in the face of so little for so long. But my life has taken some sharp turns and left me off balance and occasionally teetering on what feels like a sharp precipice. One stiff gust of wind could be my undoing. Overly dramatic you say?

Going from teaching 6 yoga classes a week to having edema so severe that walking from the house to the mailbox is an effort is a Drastic. Change. In. One’s. Lifestyle. Whoeee! And the Afib Stroke Risk (Atrial Fibrillation) that has accompanied it is no picnic either. I’m trying to learn to live with this ‘new me’ so I hope you’ll bear with me and come along for the ride. I can’t/won’t make any promises I can’t keep but I will endeavor to be a more constant contributor as a blogger. #Instagram.sandragarlandhardy #Twitter.savsandy #Goodreads.Savsandy #Facebook.SandraGarlandHardy

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