“Blue Moon” – A review of the new Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child

As with many Reacher/Child fans I’ve been waiting an entire year for the release of the 24th installment of Jack Reacher’s escapades. “Blue Moon” started slow and stayed in low gear long enough for me to wonder if Lee Child had lost his touch. Not to worry though. I was merely experiencing a momentary lapse in judgment. I’ll dispense with an unnecessary synopsis and instead tell you what I liked and disliked about #24.

The storyline is familiar in the sense that Reacher is trying to help the little guy who is outmanned, outgunned and is generally getting a raw deal from someone with unlimited resources who has no compunctions against abusing his power. That all fits the Reacher personae that I know and love. I continue to admire Lee Child’s talent for describing and explaining Reacher’s actions and reactions but I noticed a lack of empathy in his attitude towards the “enemy”. Actually, not merely a lack of empathy but a total absence of reservations about exacting retribution for the misdeeds of the enemy. His demeanor is cold, hard and unyielding. In his defense, Reacher obviously cares for the Sheviks and for Abby and although he doesn’t overtly express his feelings, his actions bear out his fondness for them.

Even though “Blue Moon” is not at the top of my list of the 24 Reacher novels, it’s still a damned fine read and one I’m sure to reread at some point. And I don’t intend to wait for a blue moon to do that reread. Four and a half stars.

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