Love Me Flaws and All? A review of “Love Me Like This” by Bella Andre

“Love Me Like This” is Justin Morrison and Taylor Cardenes’ story and part of The Morrisons series. Justin and Taylor have harbored deep feelings for each other since college but she was engaged to someone else. Fast forward several years and Justin’s family has engineered a situation that throws them together, kind of like a last ditch effort. But of course there’s a monkey wrench in this carefully laid plan. Taylor has an acute kidney disease, which while not a death sentence, carries the prospect of a life on dialysis and isn’t exactly something to crow about. However, a kidney transplant would certainly improve her prognosis as well as her future in general. And guess who is the perfect tissue match that’s eager to donate a kidney? Of course it’s Justin.

This is another “feel good” story from author Andre and while it’s not exactly formulaic, it does fit snugly into the saccharine slot. Everyone is so sweet and so nice and so eager to please that it’s so not realistic. The only real tension is from Taylor’s father who doesn’t trust Justin but then what father does trust the men who date his little girl? Then there’s the tension arising from Taylor’s illness. That tension is genuine and not contrived but the love interest between Taylor and Justin is foretold early on. It’s simply a matter of finding their way around the roadblocks that pop up but there’s never any doubt they’ll get there.

We know from the outset there’s a HEA in their future and the love scenes are hot, which is a plus. Also, there’s angst aplenty if that’s your cup of tea and plenty of drama, even more melodrama than is necessary. I hate to be a stick in the mud but the outcome was never in doubt. There are some tender, even weepy scenes near the end so I suppose my rant could be considered heavy handed but it’s still too syrupy for my tastebuds. Three and a half stars.

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