Second Time Around

I’m a sucker for a second chance romance and Kristen Proby is a reliable romance writer. Reliable in that her writing style and craftsmanship are polished and professional. In “Waiting for Willa” billionaire Max Hull is determined to not let Willa get away when they reconnect after nearly ten years. She’s  a successful business owner and single mom of nine year old Alex, whose dad was killed before Alex was born. So they’re a package deal and Max is all in with that. But Willa has some powerful fears that Max has to overcome before she’s willing to risk it all.

This story almost lost me in the beginning because everyone, even the secondary characters, were saccharine-sweet. I mean, come on! This is NOT realistic but do not despair. They eventually show their true colors and we’re treated to some good, old-fashioned down and dirty hissy fits. (I’m from Georgia y’all and that’s a legitimate southern expression.)  If readers are bothered by some steam up the windows explicit sex scenes then perhaps this Proby title is not for you. However, I’ll be checking out the first two books in The Big Sky series because I enjoy a spicy romp with flawed characters and entertaining dialogue that is sometimes downright snarky. Just like real people! Five stars.