“Sidney Sheldon’s The Silent Widow” – Review


When I downloaded “Sidney Sheldon’s The Silent Widow” by Tilly Bagshawe, I was merely looking for a thriller to feed my reading habit. I had read some of Sheldon’s earliest works many years ago and they did little to prepare me for this complex plot. Psychologist Dr. Nikki Roberts is trying to put her life back together following the death of her prominent husband. When people close to her are brutally murdered and there are attempts on her life, Nikki hires private investigator Derek Williams to find the answers that the LAPD either can’t or won’t be bothered with. The action takes place in Mexico City and L.A. and involves an intricately complex plot built around a drug clinic, drug lords, cartels, government corruption, dirty cops, and suspect charities. As the layers of deceit and corruption are revealed, Nikki realizes she can’t trust anyone except Williams. Not even the police. There is so much going on here, with such a huge cast of characters, you could easily OD on it. (No apology for the pun.) Added to that, the good doctor is so self-centered and as much in need of a good shrink as her handful of patients, that it is difficult to connect or empathize with her. Believe me when I say, the psychiatric association does not want Nikki Roberts as their poster child. Seriously, the writing style is very good with some well-turned phrases and the pacing is strong and steady almost to the end. The last four chapters, however, seem nearly an afterthought. Even so, I can still recommend this book if you’re looking for some escape reading.
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