The Blind Date That Wasn’t – “The Summer Proposal” by Vi Keeland

What do you do when there’s an immediate connection with your blind date who is also drop-dead gorgeous with dimples to die for and a physique that conjures up all kinds of fantasies? But then your actual blind date shows up and he’s duller than dishwater and you have absolutely nothing in common with him? Well, if you have a functioning brain you politely cut the blind date short and head home. But then you member that just as cute guy was leaving he slipped a ticket in your purse for the hockey game at the Garden. Just in case your blind date didn’t go well. Hmm. That was presient. It’s only a few blocks away so you head over and take your seat. But the seat beside yours is empty. Well, he must be late. But then one of the teams scores and you look up at the Jumbotron and there he is with those dimples on full display! Cute guy turns out to be star NHL player Max “Pretty Boy” Yearwood. Yep, they really call him “Pretty Boy”.

Blinding Date

And so began Georgia Delaney’s relationship with Max. Their chemistry was off the charts but more importantly, they had fun together and truly enjoyed one another’s company. Georgia initially resisted giving into her urges because of her feelings for Gabriel, her former fiance who was on sabbatical in England. He’d insisted on an “open relationship” meaning it was okay for him to fool around (which he’d done) but not okay for her. Since Max was moving to the west coast in August, he and Georgia agreed to a no-strings summer fling, with Max promising to get her to loosen up and enjoy life more. The idea of a few months of no commitment fun with Max appealed to her. A built-in expiration date with dimples guy sounded like just what she needed. Who could’ve predicted that date would loom large before they knew what hit them?

“The Summer Proposal” is Vi Keeland’s latest standalone romance and in my opinion, one of her best. I absolutely adored Max Yearwood. He’s the whole package; kind, attentive, charming, unafraid to show his softer side and a considerate lover. And those dimples! Georgia is a worrier, constantly over thinking and reanalyzing every decision, no matter how small. But in spite of her neuroses, she’s a hugely successful businesswoman and when she emerges from her self-imposed restraints and begins to enjoy life more, I celebrated right along with her. Characters as real and relatable as these are a hallmark of Keeland’s talent. The complex plot is so much more than an average romance. It’s packed with emotion and a build up to some twists and turns that will keep you flipping pages all the way through. And did I say how much I loved Max Yearwood? Five stars.

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