I’m Taken with Catherine Bybee’s Weekday Brides Series*

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the Weekday Brides Series and in “Taken by Tuesday” we get to know new college grad, Judy Gardner and former Marine turned private security bodyguard, Rick Evans. Judy’s brother is a famous Hollywood star, thus the bodyguard treatment and of course there’s the requisite mutual attraction between Judy and Rick.

Judy has been working as an intern in hopes of landing a lucrative job with a big name architectural firm so she’s eager to get noticed by the powers that be. Problem is, she’s garnered the notice of a nutcase who wants to carve her up for his own enjoyment. And Rick is determined to keep her safe but the local cops decide he looks good for being the stalker and Rick gets himself arrested. It’s difficult to protect his lady while he’s in the slammer but once that SNAFU is straightened out, they can get down to the business of finding out who is targeting Judy and why.

As an avid reader my lists (grouped by genre) of “go to” authors is relatively short but Catherine Bybee is at or very near the top of a few of them. These writers consistently deliver above average, quality reading entertainment – well-written original plots and believable characters. For me, reading is a purely pleasurable pastime. I read for enjoyment. Period. Full stop.

As plots go, this one has been done many times but that doesn’t take away from the quality of the writing. Bybee’s characters are well developed with admirable traits. The same qualities you’d look for in your group of friends, so its easy to relate to them. Consequently, as a reader you find yourself invested in their strengths as well as their weaknesses. That’s the mark of a good read. Four stars.

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*Apologies to my blog followers for the lack of graphics. For some reason I’m now unable to “Save” an image of the book covers on Amazon. Many of the books I read and review are from the Kindle Unlimited offerings but they aren’t “free”. I pay $10/month for access to the Unlimited offerings. Maybe I should rethink this arrangement. Hmmmm?

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