Brilliant Indeed – A review of “Pushing Brilliance” by Tim Tigner

As thrillers are a favorite genre, Tim Tigner’s “Pushing Brilliance” had been on my TBR list for some time and a recent email from the author jogged my memory. I’d previously read and enjoyed “Betrayal” so I was confident Tigner’s work would satisfy my thriller craving, and deliver he did.

Book one of the Kyle Achilles series is rock-solid spy/thriller writing. He can hold his own with any of the big names in the genre. In my opinion, Achilles bears a marked resemblance to Brad Thor’s Scott Harvath character but he’s less god-like lone wolf and more approachable. Though Achilles is anything BUT average. The introduction of Katya’s character meshes nicely with that of Achilles and helps with the heavy lifting. The plot is Machiavellian and labyrinthine in scope and kept me swiping pages well into the night. And imagine my surprise when Tigner’s prose waxed near poetic, opening chapter four with this lyrical description of time.

“TIME LIES. It masquerades in symmetrical guise, using clocks and calendars as accomplices. They cloak it in perfect uniformity, regular as hatch marks on a ruler, stretching forward and backward without variance of size or scale or import. As anyone who has lived even a little knows, this is a grand deception.”

All in all, a very good read and I’m looking forward to book two in the Kyle Achilles series, “The Lies of Spies”. Five stars.

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