A Winning Game – Review of “The Game” by Vi Keeland

Bella Keating was barely fifteen when her mother died. With no father in the picture she was on her own, bouncing from homelessness to a shelter, to living in a third floor walk-up over a Chinese grocery. However, the tiny rent-controlled apartment belied her success as a data analyst for a multinational company. And on the side Bella was working on her pet project – writing algorithms to define the characteristics of the ideal man for her, from a compatability point of view.

And suddenly life took a sharp turn when she was informed that she had been bequeathed a part ownership in a pro football team. The person who’d named her in his will was supposedly the father she not only never met, she hadn’t known he even existed.

As unexpected as this news was, the revelation that quarterback Christian Knox was interested in her was equally troubling because he was her opposite in all the parameters she had defined as determining her “most likely to be a successful match”. In other words, Christian was all wrong for her! But then Bella usually over analyzed and fretted over every detail. For someone with a brilliant mind, she tended to expect the worst and consequently didn’t let herself get emotionally involved with men. Until Christian. He’s gorgeous, he’s funny, he’s intelligent and attentive and the best QB in the league. But he’s all wrong for her and she’s his boss! Personally, I think Bella is nuts, but she’s also scared. Then again as a winning QB, Christian knows the truth in the old saying about the best defense being a good offense. So……..

“The Game” is another big win for author Vi Keeland. It’s romantic and fun-loving, with witty dialogue and characters you’ll love. The bonus is a real, honest-to-goodness plot you can believe in, which isn’t always true in this genre. But Keeland never lets me down. Five stars.

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