Wishes Can Come True – Review of “Make a Wish” by Helena Hunting

Harley Spark is an adult-kid. Oxymoronic? Maybe. Let me clarify. Harley is a grown-up who not only understands kids, she thinks like one. She gets inside their heads and they instinctively trust her. Her attitude says, it’s okay to be you and act your age. No one will make fun of you. In fact, Harley is more likely to join in the fun. And her free-wheeling attitude is infectious, affecting even the most staid and proper in her orbit.

It all began several years ago when Harley, at age nineteen, took on the role of nanny for Gavin Rhodes’ infant daughter Peyton, whose her mother died in childbirth. But when Peyton was almost two, Gavin abruptly took his baby girl and moved them to Boulder, ostensibly to be closer to his in-laws. They just up and left with no explanation. Not even a goodbye. But Harley knew the real reason they left. She never hear a word from Gavin and she knew it was all her fault.

It’s now seven years later and Harley is trying to figure out where she fits in the family business with her two sisters as they finalize plans to franchise the Spark House brand and open new locations. Her forte has been children’s birthday parties which is where she runs into Gavin and now nine year old Peyton.

Harley is stunned at the memories and regrets Gavin’s  reappearance evokes and conversely the strong connection with Peyton that remains. Yet Gavin appears to have no qualms about asking her to join them for lunch. Harley grabs the opportunity to make amends for her slip up and put it to bed in her mind so that she can let go of her regrets. Considering her expectations, it’s a good thing that Harley doesn’t have a crystal ball.

Helena Hunting is high on my list of favorite authors and her fresh approach to the single father dedicated to his child’s happiness trope is one of the many reasons. Thorough character development and quirky twists to what would otherwise be just another romance novel are two more reasons I am so fond of Hunting’s writing. “Make a Wish” is full of warmth and maybe a bit heavy on the angst but still an all around fun read as the final book in her ‘Spark House’ trilogy. Four stars.

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