A Fib is Still a Lie – Review of “Little Lies” by Helena Hunting

Helena Hunting’s “Little Lies” is slow out of the gate but eventually catches up with the rest of the field, finishing in the money. It focuses on the angsty relationship dating from childhood, between Lavender and Kodiak. As part of the professional hockey community, their parents have always been close and they too formed a close bond as small children. So close in fact that their parents worried they had become codependent. Lavender experienced a childhood trauma that resulted in her extreme shyness and speaking in whispers. Kodiak and Lavender’s twin brother River played critical roles in the incident.

The storyline is narrated in occasionally alternating chapters from Lavender’s and Kodiak’s POV and once it gets past the childhood trauma and it’s resulting emotional baggage, the pace picks up considerably but it’s almost too little too late. Were I not a Helena Hunting fan, I might have torn up my ticket stub and called it a day. But I hung in to see the finish and I’m happy I did.

This isn’t just a romance. It’s a love story built around two quirky characters and their equally quirky families. The mercurial nature of the relationship between Lavender and Kodiak builds on the existing tension, continually testing the breaking point. When it snaps be prepared to take cover.

“Little Lies” is the first book in Helena Hunting’s ‘Lies, Hearts & Truths’ series. Hunting is one of my favorite romance writers because she always delivers a fresh and intriguing take on relationships. No tired tropes or overdone plots. Just pure reading pleasure. Four and a half stars.

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