Que Sera Sera – Review of “What Will Be Will Be” by Jean Grainger

Finding the father she never knew she had was as fulfilling as finding her soulmate, albeit in a different way. Carmel knew she was loved and felt truly blessed. Discovering her extended family was a revelation but getting to know them surpassed all her expectations and quelled all her fears that they might somehow resent her. They not only accepted her, they genuinely welcomed Carmel into the fold.

Que Sera Sera

But when her long-lost father Joe, suggested they travel to her homeland in Ireland, Carmel was appalled. Her memories of Ireland were not ones she cherished. In fact, she long ago swore never to return there and nothing had happened to change her mind. The mere thought of going back made her physically ill but eventually she agreed rather than disappoint her newly found family and friends. What began as a dreaded descent into her personal hell, turned into the path to reconciliation with her past.

“What Will Be Will Be” is the third and final book in the Carmel Sheehan Series by Jean Grainger. As always, the author’s characters come to life on the page and this last book in the series successfully unites a large clan while illuminating even the minor characters in a diverse group. Pulling that off truly showcases Grainger’s writing skills. Carmel’s story is a richly woven emotional tapestry full of interesting and mostly likable characters. Five stars.

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