Does Our Past Color Our Future? Review of “The Future’s Not Ours To See” by Jean Grainger

Meeting Dr. Sharif Khan and reading the letters her mother left with him before her death has immeasurably changed Carmel Sheehan’s life. Ireland and her old life of drudgery are now behind her and she is happier than she ever thought possible. Yet for some reason, Carmel remains uneasy and feels unworthy and undeserving of her good fortune. This restlessness eventually sets into motion a series of events that allows Carmel to unsnarl the mystery of her early life and to finally accept that she deserves the bright future being offered to her.

No Crystal Ball

“The Future’s Not Ours To See” is Book Two in Carmel Sheehan #2 by Jean Grainger. Carmel’s journey of understanding and self-acceptance is at once arduous and uplifting. As her indomitable spirit and innate goodness are recognized and celebrated by Sharif and the family of her choosing, Carmel learns to accept her feelings and to forgive herself for notions of her own shortcomings. In the process of her self-discovery, Carmel uncovers a piece of her past that helps smooth over some of the emotional deprivation of her early years. As always, Grainger’s characters are complex creatures that we get to know so well they soon feel like old friends. At least the nice ones do, but as in real life, some bad actors creep their way in despite all efforts to forestall their advances. In keeping with her authentic characterizations is Grainger’s prose; rich and generous but never wordy or cloyingly sweet. Jean Grainger is a masterful storyteller. Five stars.

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