An Unlikely Agent – Review “The Girl in Cabin 13” by A.J. Rivers

Emma Griffin is undoubtedly the most inept, bumbling FBI agent in the history of fictional FBI. She would never have made it through training in the first place and then be set loose on an unsuspecting town plagued by numerous murders and disappearances. Even the book title is deceiving, “The Girl in Cabin 13”. Emma is a woman, not a girl, and although her age isn’t specified she must be in her 30s based on education requirements and her implied life and work history. The situations she gets herself into and her totally unprofessional manner are unbelievable as is blurting out her unsubstantiated suspicions to the local police. This was my first encounter with work by author A.J. Rivers but I doubt there’ll be any others in my TBR stack. Three stars.

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