Where’s the Meat? Review of “Rising Tiger” by Brad Thor

As a long time fan of the Scot Harvath series, I never expected to be leaving a less than stellar review but “Rising Tiger” doesn’t rise to the level I’ve come to expect from Brad Thor. As a best selling author it must be a daunting task to stay at the top of one’s game, however I fear he’s slipped a few notches with this twenty first book of Harvath’s exploits. As political thrillers go “Rising Tiger” is more akin to the doings of a Casper Milquetoast than the steely-eyed, tough as nails Harvath that we’ve come to know and love.

I wish the author had spent more pages on some real action and intrigue and less spouting off about Nicholas’ fine wines, Baccarat Crystal and gourmet cooking skills. The Troll as he’s called, is an interesting secondary character but he’s not why I buy Brad Thor’s books. The plotline promises lots of meat for our palates but it must’ve been fed to Nicholas’ Ovcharkas ’cause the thin gruel Thor offers up in this book isn’t very satisfying. Three stars.

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