Personal Protection -“Tempt Me Like This” by Bella Andre

What was the point of being a so-called rock star when every performance left you feeling empty? That’s what happened to Drew Morrison after his mother died. Losing her had left a soul-deep hole in his heart and drained his songwriting ability, leaving him with a feeling of being on auto-pilot when he was performing. But it didn’t take long for Drew to realize there’s a delicate balance between the percs and the responsibilities of a rock star, especially when it involves protecting the ones you love.

Ashley Emmit joined Drew’s tour as part of her graduate school research project. Her father had been one of Drew’s professors in college and Drew promised to look out for and protect her while they were on tour. But he hadn’t counted on the immediate and electric-like connection between them. As they got to know each other, Drew found a surprising depth of understanding and empathy in Ashley that helped him put things in perspective. And he realized there’s a delicate balance between the percs and responsibilities of a rock star, especially when it comes to protecting the one you love.

Ashley was a serious student, a brilliant and critical thinker, but a rule follower. Drew’s music had always brought her a feeling of comfort and ease that she’d never found elsewhere. So meeting him was like a dream realized and kissing him was beyond her imaginings. The mutual attraction burned hotter and brighter than she’d known was possible. But Ashley knew it couldn’t last. They were too different for that to be realistic. Weren’t they?

“Tempt Me Like This” is Bella Andre’s second book in ‘The Morrisons’ series. It was the perfect combo of a sweet and steamy romance that I needed after a few more serious reads. That’s not to infer that this isn’t serious. It’s just lighter fare than what I’ve been consuming lately. I always look forward to Bella Andre’s books, especially when I need my spirits lifted. Four stars.

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