Know Thine Enemy – “The Enemy” by Lee Child

I thought I was going to re-read “The Enemy” but I wasn’t long into it when I realized I had not in fact read it before. Reacher is on deployment in Panama when on New Year’s Day 1990 he is summarily ordered to a base in North Carolina where three people have just been murdered. As an Army Major MP it’s his job to investigate but his new base CO orders him to stand down. Ignore them. Not your job to worry about them. With Reacher that’s like waving a red flag at a bull. So he and the young Lieutenant assigned to assist him, ignore the CO’s orders and set out to find out who murdered three people and why.

Reacher in Action

There were bits and pieces in the story that rang familiar but that’s most likely due to the attention to detail prevalent in Lee Child’s writing. What struck me as new was the emergence of Reacher’s sense of humor. Another detail I’d have noticed before. He’s generally more dour than humorous but I found myself grinning and laughing every now and then. There were many characters and the intricate plot seemed to double back on itself, keeping me on my toes as I tried to line up the facts and follow the action. Nope. Never read it before.

Author Lee Child is a master wordsmith. Aside from creating Reacher who is universally admired by both men and women, his prose is as pure and polished as twenty-four carat gold. He is truly a writer’s writer. Five stars.

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