Opposites Attract – “Twice As Sexy” by Carly Phillips

As a hard-charging ADA, Scarlett Davis keeps her nose to the grindstone and her eye on the prize. The prize being how many bad guys she can get convictions on. That was the promise she made at her brother’s funeral.

But tonight she gives in to her bestie and agrees to let her hair down and celebrate. It is her birthday. The big 30. She might even decide to get lucky. After all, it’s been a very long dry spell. A few shots into the evening, Scarlett is considerably loosened up and when the hottest most dangerous looking guy she’s ever laid eyes on steps off the elevator her body starts buzzing. That is gonna’ be her birthday present. Hot damn!

Tanner Grayson has anger management issues but some court-ordered therapy has given him the tools to control his temper and stay out of trouble. As one of the owners of Club Ten29, any misstep on his part could cost the club its liquor license and the owners their livelihoods. When Tanner locks eyeballs with Scarlett he’s only looking for one night but he’ll happily be a present to the birthday girl. Hey it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta’ do it. Right?

Tanner and Scarlett couldn’t be more different but their attraction is not to be denied. And one night isn’t enough for either of them. When Scarlett is endangered she has to decide if she can put aside her pre-conceived ideas about Tanner’s past and accept him for who and what he is today. Can that work between two people who are so incredibly different?

After a steady diet of historical fiction I opted for something lighter as a palate cleanser and “Twice As Sexy” by Carly Phillips has been waiting in the wings for a while. I misjudged on the lighter aspect and found myself in a spicy  romance tinged with a bit of danger. More development of Tanner channeling his anger through MMA was a missed opportunity in my opinion but, for a quick read, it’s generally well done. Four stars.

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