Hidden Feelings – “Instant Attraction” by Jill Shalvis

Katie Kramer wants to break out of her safe zone and be more adventurous. She’s tired of coloring only inside the lines and truth be told, it wouldn’t be take much to make her life more exciting.  Katie’s not boring but her life has been plain vanilla until a traumatic event convinces her it’s time to get uncomfortable. Which is how she ended up on a temp job for Wilder Adventures in Wishful California.


Former champion snowboarder Cameron Wilder finally comes home to Wishful after wandering the world the past year trying to figure out his life now that he’s lost the ability to be the top dog. No more zipping down snow-covered mountains faster than a speeding bullet. No more product endorsements and no media hounds sniffing around waiting for a sound bite from him. His homecoming is made memorable when Cam discovers Goldilocks, aka Katie, asleep in his bed. The shame of it is, he’s too tired to care at the moment. Cam is captivated by Katie’s infectious smile and sunny disposition, not to mention her direct approach. The attraction between them is powerful and as accustomed as he is to taking risks, he’s not willing to risk his heart. Katie wants to live large but she’s not sure Cam is ready for her brand of courage.

“Instant Attraction” begins Jill Shalvis’ Wilder series of three books. Cameron’s character has an interesting backstory that explains his resistance to forming deep interpersonal bonds, even within his family. Katie’s infectious laughter and direct way of expressing herself make her thoroughly likable and a good counter balance to Cam’s more dour demeanor. In addition to the sizzling love scenes there’s a bit of drama and danger in the plot that gives depth to the romance. Author Shalvis’ descriptive writing is admirable, especially her renditions of the winter beauty in the high Sierras.

I do have a bone to pick with her use (misuse) of ‘ladened’. ‘Laden’ is an adjective not a verb, ergo no tenses either past, present or future. It means ‘heavily loaded or weighed down’. There’s no such word as ladened. How did that word come from an author of Shalvis’ experience? How did it ever get past a proofreader and a copy editor? Okay, that’s my rant for the day but it really made my teeth hurt. Three and a half stars.

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