Ambitious Assistant – “Man in Charge” by Laurelin Paige

Tess is impressed by the wealth and social standing of the Sebastians, particularly Scott Sebastian. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s beautiful. Not merely handsome, but arrestingly beautiful. But Tess is contemptuous of his reputation as a love ’em and leave ’em kinda’ guy. He is rarely seen with the same woman twice. With her boss on an extended vacation, Tess grabs for the brass ring, making her pitch to Sebastian for a high stakes partnership with a non-profit –  one in which she has a personal interest. The problem with having to work closely with Scott Sebastian is that they can’t keep their clothes on or their hands off each other when they’re in the same room. And that’s despite their differences. He distracts her from her goals and his laissez faire attitude is infuriating. Tess is determined not to be charmed out of her panties again but her desire keeps overruling her head. And she’s worried that she’ll be exposed and fired when her boss Kendra, returns. But if she can wrap up this deal before then, it’ll be a feather in her cap and it might result in a promotion and a raise. Maybe. Hopefully.


“Man in Charge” is the first book of a duet by Laurelin Paige. Initially, I so disliked both Tess and Scott that I almost chucked it onto the DNF heap. Tess came across as an absolutely inane airhead and I had little patience for the swelled ego of the rich and irritating Scott. I began to wonder at the reasoning or strategy of the author. Did she intend her readers to intensely dislike her main characters? If so, why? So they could be redeemed? If that was the case, it very nearly backfired with this reader. They do have redeeming qualities but it takes a while to see them uncovered. The plot itself is thinly disguised and nearly buried under a proliferation of explicit sex scenes. So if you’re offended by those and a liberal use of the F word and other dirty talk, you might want to choose a different title. I’m not offended by smexy scenes but I do have an issue with careless writing and/or lack of editing. I’m referring to poor grammar and erroneous word usage. How can you mix up “divesting” with “investing” or “wrought out” with “wrung out”? And then there are the severely overworked similes. A simile, in its simplicity, should make a description more vivid; e.g. sly like a fox. When it’s too explicit the comparison gets lost in the detail. Now that I’m done ranting, on a hotness scale of one to ten, with ten being the hottest, I’d rate “Man in Charge” an eleven plus in hotness. And then just when it was really getting good, author Paige hands us a blasted cliffhanger. Did I say how much I dislike cliffhangers? Based on careless editing, I’m going with an overall rating of three and a half stars.

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