A Repackaged Twofer – “A Forever Kind of Love” by Nora Roberts

Two oldies but goodies, both re-reads from Nora Roberts’ Stanislaski family, served as a breather from a more serious book.

“Waiting for Nick” was originally published in 1997, again in 2019 and now in this duet in 2022. A romance between wannabe lyricist Frederica Kimball and Tony award-winning songwriter, Nick LeBeck. A classic case of a wealthy girl relentlessly pursuing the former bad boy gone straight who, regardless of his professional accomplishments, still sees himself as somehow unworthy. Despite his feelings, Nick continues to treat “Freddie” like a little sister but she’s not buying what he’s selling. The push/pull tension is Roberts’ trademark and withstands the test of time in spite of the outdated societal mores and lack of modern technology; e.g. cigarettes, cordless phones, and pay phones to name a few. But a good story is a good story.

“Considering Kate” was originally published in 2001, republished in 2019 and now in 2022 in this duet. Kate Kimball has given up her successful career as a prima ballerina, returned to her hometown and bought a rundown, derelict house she wants to rehab as a dance studio. She’s delighted to find out the carpenter recommended by her mother is as talented as he is handsome. But Brody O’Connell is all business even though Kate is smitten with him and his five year old son Jack. Brody plays hard to get because he can’t believe that a woman of Kate’s talent and experience would settle for a carpenter who comes complete with a ready-made family. But Kate has never backed away from a challenge and she’s not going to start now. The same absence of modern technology is also evident in this story as mentioned above. Still, it doesn’t detract from the timelessness of the story. And I suppose that updating the stories with details of current technology could be considered as deceitful, as in repackaging something old in order to pass it off as new.

I purchased this duet “A Forever Kind of Love” knowing I’d already read both books and if I’d thought first, I could’ve just downloaded them again from my Amazon account and saved the $2.99. Oh well. Four stars.

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