Combative Sports – “The Rookie” by Kendall Ryan

Rookie Logan Tate was living the dream, playing professional hockey and getting paid millions to do it. But his dream felt more like a nightmare after his dad’s death when he went from being a team player to a team liability. Logan has become surly and combative, resulting in an eight game suspension and mandatory counseling before he can return to the ice. Since he can’t play hockey he heads home to Colorado. They can always use another pair of hands on the family farm.

Summer Campbell is a newly minted sports psychologist with a ton of student loans to show for it so she’s feeling the pinch to succeed on her first assignment, which is to get this rookie hockey player back to work. Problem is he’s not returnng her calls or responding to her messages. So Summer heads to Muhammad — or to the mountains of Colorado in this case, where she is welcomed by everyone except Logan Tate. Summer is out on the proverbial limb. She’s here but she can’t force him to talk to her and then there’s this undeniable sexual attraction between them. Acting on that attraction would be a serious ethical violation. Nope. Can’t go there. But —- they can’t keep their hands off each other. And professional ethics just flew out the window.

This provided the light read I needed after binge-reading the first two books in The Jacobite Chronicles. “The Rookie” is the third installment of the Looking To Score series by Kendall Ryan. It’s a short, quick read with dual protagonists, each relating alternating chapters. Both characters are likable and the interaction between Logan’s family and Summer is original and makes for a thought-provoking plotline. The insta-love/lust is rushed and a bit over the top on the believability scale, but enjoyable evenso. However, if it was any shorter it could qualify as a short story, which is a long-standing complaint of mine about Ms. Ryan’s publications. Her talent as a storyteller is unquestionable but I’d love to see more meat in the stew. Three and a half stars.

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