Comatose Maybe? “Deep Sleep” by Steven Konkoly

Broadening your reading experience by trying new authors is always a bit risky but it’s good to step outside our comfort zone occasionally. With that in mind I settled in with “Deep Sleep” by Steven Konkoly because I’m a fan of thrillers, especially those involving espionage.

Sleeper Agents Everywhere

Devin Gray’s mother, a former CIA agent who everyone thought had gone off her rocker, killed herself in a firefight with Tennessee law enforcement after abducting a man from a nursing home. Sound wild enough for you? Then hang on ’cause it gets wilder.

Before her death, Helen Gray had uncovered an elaborate plot involving Russian operatives that were carefully placed throughout the U.S. government, some of whom were in very high level positions. Even though no one believed her, Helen knew she had discovered what would be a national catastrophe. Following her death Devin found a trove of information she had left for him to prevent such a disaster. It was then he knew his mother hadn’t been crazy. She’d known exactly what she was doing and her mission was worth dying for.

With help from Karl Berg, an old friend of his mother’s and Marnie Young, a former Marine helicopter pilot, Devin is pulled into an elaborate and devious conspiracy so widespread as to seem implausible, until they realize they’re witnessing a national nightmare in the making. But can they muster the necessary forces in time to stop the nefarious scheme?

Book One of the Devin Gray series has a solid plotline but it gets bogged down with so many characters I needed a roster to keep up with them all. And as exciting as the storyline sounds I found myself voluntarily taking breaks from it because it wasn’t really compelling. Then just as the action starts to get interesting, we get a cliffhanger, which bears no resemblance to an ending at all. Am I sufficiently inpressed to go for Book Two? Nope. Three stars.

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