Lustful? Yes. Believable? Notsomuch. – “Filthy Beautiful Lust” by Kendall Ryan

Pace Drake is a bit of a hound dog about women. Saying he sleeps around doesn’t begin to describe his behavior. He pretty much beds ’em and sheds ’em with ‘nary an afterthought, oftentimes taking his pleasure without any concern for his partner. But when he meets single mother Kylie and her infant son Max, Pace does a 180 and is miraculously the epitome of a caring and generous swain. Having been ditched by the ahole who fathered Max, Kylie is understandably leery of Pace as an instantly reformed playboy. But he perseveres in his bid to win her over when she suffers a broken arm and needs help doing everyday things. Taking them home to his condo is a near disaster until Pace realizes his place needs to be baby-proofed. Like yesterday. And even though Kylie isn’t convinced by Pace’s solicitous behavior, neither can she deny the strong attraction that pulls her to him like a magnet. Is she ready to believe he has potential as husband material?

Bed ’em and Shed ’em

Kendall Ryan is an acclaimed romance author with an army of loyal followers and I count myself in that group. However, while I enjoyed the storyline of “Filthy Beautiful Lust” I couldn’t quite buy into Pace’s instant transformation from womanizer to concerned helpmate/lover. It simply pushes the limits of credibility. Added to that is the significant distraction of sentences where the subject and predicate don’t agree. And for added distraction there are numerous typos. Each of these causes the reader to stumble. When you have to go back and re-read a sentence or paragraph to make sense of it you lose momentum and with enough interruptions it’s easy to just lay it aside and not go back to it at all. Was the copy editor asleep on the job? Three stars.

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